Vineyards, apple orchards and winery


Our History

Origins from the 16th century

The Calancombe Estate, which has origins that can be traced back to the 16th century, was purchased by Caroline and Lance Whitehead in 2012. Very soon afterwards a viticulturist was engaged to assess whether the land would be suitable to plant vines. The outcome was very positive; the land being south-west facing, on a slope and with a soil analysis confirming great potential for producing premium quality grapes for making wine.

The Estate Today

Twenty three acres of vineyards

Planting of the first parcel of vines commenced in 2013, with 5,800 Pinot Noir, followed in subsequent years up to 2016  with 3,400 Bacchus, 1000 Pinot Gris, 7,000 Madeleine Angevine, 2,000 Pinot Noir Precoce, 1,000 Chardonnay and 2,250 Ortega.  Total plantings extend to 23 acres making the Estate the largest in South Devon producing its own wines and one of the larger estates in the country. Our aim is to produce the finest quality sparkling and still white, red and rosé wines from grapes grown exclusively on our Estate and produced in our purpose built winery on site. The first grapes were harvested and processed in 2017, with our first wines released in Summer/Autumn 2019.