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Award-winning wines

June has been a very busy month for us. Not only have we launched our new 2022 wines we have also just found out that we’ve been awarded not one, but two silvers in the 2023 WineGB Awards. This is a huge honour for us and we are very excited, as a certification helps identify us as one of the leading producers of premium English wines. Both of our worthy winners were made from 100% of the grape varieties grown in our fields. And like all our other wines, both were produced on the Estate

Our award-winning wines

To us, it was obvious that our Pinot Gris 2022 and Bacchus 2022 should be winners. However, we are somewhat biased as we have raised the grapes from buds, nurtured their development, and then respectfully crafted them into the type of wine we love.

Both are gorgeous wines, and both are delicious to sip as an aperitif or with a meal on a summer evening. Our Pinot Gris produces pinkish, grey berries and adds aromatic tones to our white wine. Made from 100% Pinot Gris with notes of honeysuckle, peach, and citrus with a little residual sweetness.

While our elegant 2022 Bacchus wine offers gentle aromas of grapefruit, gooseberries, and a touch of tropical fruit on the palate. Ideal to accompany fish and chicken dishes, it is clean and crisp, with a touch of peach, gooseberry, and citrus.

The 2023 Award Judges

We love being a WineGB member as their mission statement aligns with our own vineyard goals. They, like us want to educate, train, develop opportunities, champion sustainability, and showcase the amazing wines that a small dedicated vineyard can produce.

Held at Exton Park in Hampshire, a record number of wines were entered for this year's competition. All were put through numerous meticulous stages to be selected. This year’s dedicated judging panel, who represent the elite of the wine trade, were Susie Barrie MW, Oz Clarke OBE, Imogen Bowen-Davies (Waitrose buyer), Rebecca Palmer (Wine Buyer for Corney & Barrow), Nik Darlington, Simon Field MW, and Matthew Hodgson.

If you would like to try our award-winning wines we offer tastings and tours. In addition, our restaurant is open for lunches and small plates every Wednesday to Sunday, if you prefer to drink rather than sample.


Calancombe Estate Wine Label
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