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More Cheese please!

Cheese and wine have been an integral part of feasting since the Roman times. But why does wine compliment this addictive savoury snack so well? Contrary to popular belief it isn't just red wines that pair well with cheeses. The tannins of any grape variety, when combined with the texture, acidity and fat of the cheese, balance perfectly to create a spectacular taste sensation in your mouth. A winning experience which we replicate in our Devon restaurant on an everyday basis by offering a range of delicious artisan local, English and Welsh cheeses to pair with our range of home-grown wines and cyder

The best cheesy partners

From soft to hard cheeses, goat to sheep and cow, washed rind cheeses and blue cheeses, we have a fabulous selection that we believe compliments our range of homegrown wines. Our English Bacchus pairs beautifully with our softer cheeses, similar to Brie and Camembert, as well as, our aged Cheddars.

Perfect for a summer's day, although not usually considered a wine to pair with cheese, our Pinot Noir Rosé has proved to be the ideal partner to our fresh, younger selection. of cheeses. And our White Pinot Noir is best sipped while nibbling on morsels of our washed-rind cheeses or nutty, medium-firm cheeses. Whereas our Vintage Reserve, made from Madeleine Angevine grapes, boasts a lightly aromatic, floral flavour that is a match made in heaven when paired with creamy local goat cheese.

Stronger cheeses

As with most blue cheeses, goat cheese can vary from delicate faint aromas to full-on pungent cheeses with tingly, assertive flavours. The maturation of these cheeses dictates the type of tipple for the ideal pairing, so it’s worth asking our staff how strong the taste will be. For example, our fresh, light goat cheese is surprisingly good with our bubbly Blanc de Noirs. And the stronger the taste of either of our mature blue or goat cheese, pair perfectly with the complex flavours of our sparkling cyder, which is made entirely from apples grown on the Estate and in the traditional method, exactly like Champagne. Its delicate nose of apples with a hint of citrus on the palate, and a light touch of brioche, gives the perfect balance of sweetness to tackle the pungent, more acidic flavours of ripened cheeses ideal for a tasting with a touch of charcuterie and a pickle or two.

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