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Exploring the Finest British Cheeses at Calancombe Estate

At Calancombe Estate, something we’re extremely proud of is our cheese trolley, which offers an impressive selection of 25 to 30 different cheeses on any one day. 

Whether you're stopping by for a glass of wine, taking some cheese home, or having it delivered to your table paired with our exquisite pudding wines, ports and classic sherries, we ensure an unforgettable cheese experience.

At Calancombe Estate, we categorise our cheeses into four main types: soft washed, soft, blue, and hard/semi-hard cheeses. These cheeses hail from all across Britain, each offering unique flavours and qualities that we believe rank among the best in the world.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the kind of British cheeses you can expect when visiting the Calancombe Estate cheese trolley…

Soft Washed Cheeses

Our soft washed cheeses are typically washed in cider brandy or cider, infusing them with distinctive aromas and tastes. 

A standout example is the Solstice from Somerset's White Lake Dairy. Made from the milk of Guernsey cows, this cheese boasts a creamy, golden hue and is washed and wrapped in cider brandy. It's a delicious option reminiscent of a French Révélation and is fantastic for cooking.

Find out more about White Lake Dairy’s Solstice cheese here.

Soft Cheeses

Another exceptional soft cheese from Somerset is the Eve, crafted by Roger Longman. 

This sticky goat’s cheese is wrapped in vine leaves and washed in cider brandy, offering a delightful texture and taste that's both unique and flavorful.

The careful creation of this cheese allows for development of a soft paste and a wonderful nutty flavour.

Find out more about Longman’s Eve cheese here

Blue Cheeses

For blue cheese enthusiasts, we present Perl Las from Wales. Also known as "Blue Pearl," this cheese features delicate white cheese with striking blue veins. 

Its subtle yet distinct flavour profile makes it a delightful addition to any cheese board. It’s quickly become one of the most famous and highly regarded cheeses in Wales and beyond. 

The salty and creamy tastes and textures make this Welsh cheese perfect for creating a delicious cheese sauce. 

Read more about The Welsh Cheese Company’s Perl Las here

Hard and Semi-Hard Cheeses

Among our hard cheeses is a notable unpasteurised cow's cheese from Ford Dairy in Dorset. 

This cheese is aged within the historic Wookey Hole Caves, imparting it with unique cave-aged flavours that are deeply satisfying and complex.

This, combined with a ‘cheddaring process’ performed entirely by hand makes this superb cheddar cheese the ideal choice to round off your meal at Calancombe Estate. 

Find out more about Ford Farm’s Cave-Aged Cheddar here

Each of these cheeses represents the dedication and craftsmanship of British cheesemakers. From the creamy and golden Solstice to the cave-aged Dorset delicacies, our cheese trolley selection showcases the diverse and exceptional quality of British cheeses.

We invite you to explore these flavours, whether by pairing them with our carefully selected wines or enjoying them on their own. Discover why British cheeses are celebrated worldwide at Calancombe Estate. 


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