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The delight of small plates

Updated: May 9

Small plates although traditional on an evening degustation or sampling menu are not the typical everyday experience in England. Our food heritage dictates that we tend to indulge in three courses consisting of a starter, main course and dessert when eating out or entertaining. At Calancombe we respect the traditions of our past whilst providing an opportunity to sample new Mediterranean flavours, which many readily embrace…

The change in eating habits

In hotter climates, the casual small plate dining style of Mezze or Tapas is a commonality. Lunches are light before a siesta, and wine or beer plays a bigger part in the small plate eating experience at evening sittings. Family is key in most Mediterranean cultures, so small plate eating has strong societal connections. England, without the same climate or emphasis on communal dining, has taken a slightly different approach to the small plate experience. By adopting small plates into their dining experience, many are consciously choosing to eat lesser portions, aligning themselves with the current belief that a lighter meal of higher quality ingredients can have significant overall health benefits.

A taste of everything

If you have ever endured the scenario of enviously watching a companion ravenously deplete what would have been your second choice, when your first choice hasn’t lived up to expectations, then small plates dining may be the solution you crave. Gone are the days of being stuck with a fixed menu ideology. You can be as creative as you dare, mix King scallops with Iberico Ham, Mojama with Burrata and no one will bat an eyelid. Liberation is at your fingers tips and every palate and dietary preference is often catered for. Your choice can be entirely meat-based, a variety of vegetables, filled with fish or a mixture of all. You also have the option to eat as much or as little without any judgement from your hosts.

Whatever your preference if you are dining with friends, family, or just on a romantic excursion with your loved one, we offer a range of small plates and a selection of larger plates along with nibbles to start, side plates to boost your mains and an array of desserts if you have a sweet tooth. All of which can be perfectly paired with our hand-crafted white, rose or sparkling premium wines

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