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Spring at the Vineyard: Prepping the Vines

In the early days of spring at the Calancombe Estate vineyard, the journey of this season’s grapes began with their usual preparations.

Back in April, amidst the rows and rows of vines, we gently guided our fruiting canes into place, ensuring each bud was poised for optimal growth. 

This meticulous vineyard process, which we follow each year, isn't just about aesthetics. It's a strategic move to ensure a successful grape growing season ahead.

We always start by tying down our fruiting cane - an important step in setting the stage for what's to come. By carefully training the canes, the buds align in a way that promotes healthy shoot development.

Our purpose is clear: to craft a canopy that's not only manageable but efficient—a neat, organised framework that offers the best conditions for grape fruition. 

As the vines settle into their new arrangement, our English vineyard awaits the subtle cues of nature. Like most of us, this means waiting for the sunshine and the warmer weather!

Soon, with the warmth of the sun and the gentle touch of British summer, sap will stir within the vines. This moment leads to bud burst—a natural next step which sees dormant buds awaken and tender shoots start to appear. This signifies the start of the grape growing season.

In these early stages, our Devon vineyard holds promises of abundance, quietly revealing the beginning of a journey that will lead to a very tasty outcome… our award winning English wine!

As spring turns to summer, there’s really no better time to visit the Calancombe Estate vineyard. We offer guided and self-guided tours starting from just £25! 

Explore our ever-changing vineyards and orchards, or book a wine tasting at our on-site winery. For the perfect finish, round off your tour with a visit to our outstanding Restaurant which serves fresh, locally sourced produce cooked by our expert chefs. 

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