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Cocktails fit for a king

Updated: May 9, 2023

What better way to celebrate the coronation of our new King than with the classiest, most elegant cocktail ever devised, the Kir Royale or our own Devon Royale? Whatever your preference the occasion definitely calls for something sparkling and we have the perfect ingredients…

Outstanding ingredients

Normally made with Champagne our sparkling Blanc de Noirs is the perfect substitute when combined with our delicious homemade Cassis. As an alternative which bypasses the bubbles, a simple Kir can be made with our White Pinot Noir. And for a very cheeky twist, our outstanding sparkling Cyder makes the perfect Cyder Royale, which we like to call the Devon Royale

The devil in the details

Sweet, fizzy and very moreish, this combination of wine and liqueur is a timeless favourite, ideal for celebrations and easy to make in your own home. Fluted classes are a must to start building this special cocktail with refined Ebony and Ben Connan blackcurrants grown on bushes adjacent to our abundant apple orchards. Created using traditional methods, exactly like Champagne, our sparkling cyder has a delicate nose of apples with a hint of citrus and fine long-lasting bubbles. Bursting with flavour with a light touch of brioche, thanks mainly to the twelve months of second fermentation in bottles, our Sparking Cyder adds another dimension to the simple but sophisticated cocktail for the coronation

Our amazing Cassis, Blanc de Noirs, Pinot Noir, and Sparking CyderOrder can be ordered online or picked up from our shop from Wednesday to Sunday 11-5.


Calancombe Estate Wine Label
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